Introduction to Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship


Enrollment for this course is currently closed. Course will be offered again in 2024.

6 Week Course


Coming 2023


This introductory level, online summer school course focuses on providing inspiring experiences and skill development in STEAM in an entirely online setting. With its emphasis on learning both technology and entrepreneurial and design thinking, the students will learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create an interactive website; participate in online discussions to learn about emerging technologies; and work in small groups to design a solution to a problem through entrepreneurial methods. *Receive credit for this required course for new MPS students. By taking this in the summer, you will open up space in your schedule next year to take more electives and/or double up in math, science, art or languages.

Essential Questions:

How can we prepare for a fourth industrial revolution?
What hard and soft skills do we need to develop in an ever-changing world?
How can we solve real-world problems with entrepreneurial and design thinking?