About PCGL

The world needs female leaders, and Porter’s Center for Global Leadership is specifically designed to produce and support them. Our programs give girls and women the tools they need to be empowered, learn, collaborate, lead, and create innovative solutions to pressing global issues.

Founded in 2020 by Miss Porter’s School, Porter’s Center for Global Leadership (PCGL) was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the world faced unprecedented devastation, we were bound together globally for the first time in recent history. With the increased use of online platforms to connect people across the world, we created PCGL to not only create meaningful connections but to inspire global change.

We have grown to develop five interconnected yet distinct programs – both in-person and online – that build on the foundation of the Miss Porter’s School mission to educate young women to become informed, bold, resourceful, and ethical global citizens who are expected to shape a changing world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide access to innovative programming, skill development, and networking opportunities for girls and women of all ages and in all places that allow them to lead lives of impact on a global stage.

Our Vision

We prepare girls and women to harness their power, purpose, and passions to address global crises, pressing problems, and systems of oppression through a culturally responsive lens. We center the personal and intellectual growth of each girl and woman with an understanding of her needs in the context of the world she inhabits.

We are a hub for the advancement of girls and women.

Join our network of girls and women who are passionate about making a difference in their lives, communities and the greater world. Through our programs, you will explore timeless questions about challenging topics like racism, gender inequality, climate change, poverty, healthcare, education and so much more. With the tools and resources acquired through our programs, you will gain the knowledge, skills, network and mindset needed to shape a changing world through a global-local lens.

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