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What does it mean to be a global citizen?

The world is changing quickly, and this requires different skill sets grounded in global competence, whether you are a young person or an adult. Global competence integrates knowledge of the world with the skills of application through thinking and behaving productively.

At PCGL, we believe that being globally competent is a lifelong journey of developing and growing our: 

  • curiosity about the world,
  • empathetic imagination,
  • ability to communicate across differences,
  • desire to take action,
  • and understanding of how our knowledge, skills and identities impact our place in the global community.

Being a global citizen means that you are taking the time to learn about different cultures and perspectives before you make assumptions or judgments. Global citizens also invest time in causes that are meaningful to them and work to amplify the voices of others by engaging in thoughtful dialogue that centers on the experiences of people most affected by those causes. Most importantly, as a global citizen, you understand that your actions and inactions have a greater impact on the world, and you are passionate about using your personal power for the benefit of all.

Consider this a personal invitation to join the movement.

One’s global competence will determine success in career and life, which are increasingly played out on a global stage. Discover your purpose, power and passions with Porter’s Center for Global Leadership. Through our programming, we nurture and develop globally competent, productive and involved citizens who challenge themselves to meet the problems and opportunities in our rapidly changing world.

We challenge girls and women to investigate the world around them, consider a variety of perspectives, communicate their ideas with confidence, and take meaningful action. Whether you are participating in a Global Seminar Series, finding your passion in ChangeMaker’s Institute, or developing your leadership style with Porter’s LEADS, you’ll build the knowledge and skills necessary to become an impactful global citizen. 

“I think it is such an eye-opening experience to listen to people who’ve seen the world through different perspectives and comparing them to my own.”

Global Seminar Series participant

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