What Skills Make a Great Leader?

Leadership skills are crucial for success in today’s world. Girls who develop these skills are better equipped to make positive changes in their communities and beyond. Effective communication, inspiration, motivation, and decision-making are just a few qualities that make great leaders. Confidence, empathy, and a growth mindset are also key. 

Being a leader means having the ability to bring people together, inspire and empower them to achieve their goals. It’s essential for girls to have these skills so they can become strong, confident, and successful leaders in their personal and professional lives. By taking the first step towards leadership development, girls can unlock their potential and achieve great things.

Developing leadership skills does not have to be difficult. Girls can begin to cultivate leadership skills by taking small but meaningful steps in their daily lives.

Starting difficult conversations.

Leaders often take on challenging responsibilities to make things easier for the other people in their communities. Speaking up when something doesn’t feel right demonstrates some of the most important aspects of leadership, like a strong sense of integrity, accountability for yourself and others, and the ability to take initiative.

Staying true to their word.

Leaders should be dependable, and the first step to gaining the trust of others is to have consistent words and actions. Leadership is about taking thoughtful and intentional actions to manage and improve the world around us. Take initiative on your ideas and act in alignment with your sense of integrity.

Being a friend others can depend on.

There’s a lot of overlap between good friends and good leaders. Both listen well to the people around them, support others during difficult times, and try to help where they can. 

Leadership skills are necessary for success in every discipline and career field. Encouraging girls to see themselves as leaders promotes an environment where they feel their voice is worth listening to. When girls lead, the world around them changes.

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