ChangeMaker's Institute participants working together

Turn Your Passion in to Action with ChangeMaker’s Institute

We all have feelings – lots of them – about all the world’s problems. The question is what to do about it? Apply to ChangeMaker’s to develop the skills to turn your passion into action.

Porter’s Center for Global Leadership (PCGL) is excited to introduce you to our ChangeMaker’s Institute. This unique virtual programming, supported by scholarships, offers a series of scaffolded courses that provide high school girls globally with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skill sets necessary to be effective catalysts for change in their communities and beyond. Girls work toward earning the PCGL ChangeMaker’s Certificate by taking all four courses in the series, including the culminating year-long Fellowship. 

Through three structured courses taken over an academic year, participants learn from experts in the change-making sphere and connect with peers worldwide while building essential skills grounded in:

graphic with written words saying critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication, global citizenship, leadership, collaboration

In the following academic year, participants are actively mentored to put the skill sets and knowledge they acquire into practice in an 8-month Fellowship and earn a Porter’s Center for Global Leadership ChangeMaker’s Certificate.

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