What is Community Building and Why is it Important?

Community building is all about creating a sense of belonging and support among a group of people. For girls, it’s especially important because it helps them feel empowered and valued. This creates a positive impact in the community by connecting people across diverse geographies, backgrounds, and ages. 

By building a diverse community of individuals, they can share experiences and ideas and help each other grow. 

Community building creates trust and accountability, whether playing on a team together or working towards a common goal and provides a supportive environment for risk-taking and goal-oriented action.

Activism requires collective passion, support, and action to effect a meaningful change, which is why community building is essential. Furthermore, you can only be an effective advocate for a cause once you have done the work of community building because it fosters social ties and trust based on a common value structure. 

Some meaningful ways to build community can include:

  • Volunteering – donating your time is an excellent way to make connections with people you might otherwise not have met and create bonds over a cause you have a mutual interest in. 
  • Host a gathering – whether it’s for a fun social gathering or an event with purpose, making a space where people can feel seen, heard and valued is one of the most effective ways to build community. 
  • Show up to community events – keeping yourself in the loop with local events being held in your city is an excellent way to show your face in the community and get to know the people who are as invested as you are. 

Community building provides a platform for active listening, uplifting causes, and amplifying the voices most affected by an issue. Whether it’s through in person or virtual programming, community building can lead to lifelong connections and a stronger sense of self. This confidence and passion results in the creation of a safe space to voice concerns, share ideas, brainstorm action and ultimately result in global change. 

So, let’s get excited about building our own community and empowering girls everywhere!

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